Akolotu: Memipa Kakato

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Ko e taha eni ʻo e founga ki he Memipa Kakato ʻi he Siasi ko e fou ʻi he tauhi pea mo e teuteu ʻoku fai ʻe he Kautaha Akolotu. Ko ʻetau maheni pea mo e Akolotu, ko e taha pe ia ʻo e ngaahi Polokalama ʻa e Potungaue Ako Faka-Kalisitiane. ʻOku hoko mai ia hili ʻa e Lautohi Faka-Sapate. Ko e taimi ia kuo

maʻu mafai feʻunga ʻa e fanau ke nau ʻilo ki he ngaahi meʻa ʻoku lelei, ki he ngaahi meʻa ʻoku fakahoifua, pea ki he ngaahi meʻa ʻoku fakahaohaoa (Loma 12.2). ʻOku lalaka atu aipe kimuʻa ʻa e fanau ʻi he ngaahi kelesi ko eni pea fakaʻasili ai pe hono fakakoloa lolotonga ʻene hoko ko e memipa kakato ʻo e Siasi.

Ko hotau tokolahi naʻe fou hake ʻi he Kautaha Akolotu. ʻOku fakamatuʻotuʻa lelei ʻe he ngaahi polokalama maheni hangē ko e Tau Tipeiti mo e Kilikiti, Lea fakafokifā mo e talaloto, Pō Tokoni moePōVaʻingaʻaekau Akolotu ki he ngaahi meʻa mahuʻinga ʻo e fonua pea mo e lotu. Ko e pōtoʻi he lea; ko e fakalakalaka ʻo e fakakaukau fakalotu mo e tokaʻi ʻo e faʻunga ʻo e fonua ʻoku tupulekina ai ha taha ʻi he Akolotu. Ko ha taha ʻe fou heni ʻene teuteu ke memipa kakato ʻi he Siasi -ʻe monūʻia ia, pea ʻe monuʻia foki mo e Siasi, Fonua mo e kakai ke maʻu ha kakai pehe.

ʻOku maheni pe ʻa e Siasi mo e Lautohi Faka-Sapate. ʻA e ʻi he Failautohi Faka-Sapate ʻa e ʻilo mo e taukei, pea ʻoku ne akonaki mo akoʻi ʻa e Fanau Lautohi FakaSapate ʻaki ʻa e moʻoni—ka ko iapeʻokuneʻilokiai.Ko e fengaueʻaki ʻoku fai pe mei he Failautohi ki he Fanau Lautohi ʻo hangē pe ha laine hangatonu mei he poini ʻe taha ki he poini hono ua. Ko e Akolotu ʻoku fevahevaheʻaki mo feʻinasiʻaki ʻa e taki mo e kau memipa ʻo hangē ha fakatakamilo faka-seakale. Ko e founga longomoʻui eni pea ʻe longomoʻui aipe mo e memipa ʻi he Siasi. Tau poupou he Mahiná ni ki he meʻa ʻe longomoʻui ai ʻa e tui ʻetau fanau. 

Words of Wisdom


Do not allow yourself one thought of separating from your brothers and sisters, whether their opinions agree with yours or not. John Wesley


Mother Teresa replied, “I don’t talk, I simply listen.....[God] doesn’t talk. He also simply listens."

Word for Today

  • Understanding how God works


    'Because you say so, I will.' Luke 5:5 NIV

    The Bible says: 'When he [Jesus] had finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch." Simon answered, "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will"... When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break... When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus' knees... For he and all his companions were astonished...Then Jesus said..."Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men." So they...left everything and followed him' (Luke 5:4-11 NIV).

    The real test of your faith comes when nothing you've tried has worked, and God tells you to do something that stretches your faith to its limit. At that point you have the choice: give in to your doubts, or say with Peter, 'Because you say so, I will.'

    This story teaches us God works in three ways: (1) He uses the common to do the uncommon. In their workplace where nothing special ever seemed to happen, Jesus showed up, called them, and changed their lives. So, look for God in your daily routine, and don't be surprised when he surprises you. (2) He moves you out from the security of the shallow to the risks of the deep. The great catches and the great storms are both in the same sea. If you want one, you have to contend with the other. No risk, no reward. (3) He involves you in one thing to teach you another. Christ's plan for these men was to involve them in an even greater miracle: fishing for souls. Today that's his plan for you too. And it begins when you say, 'Lord, because You say so, I will.'

    Soulfood: 2 Chr 12-15, Mark 6:14- 29, Ps 119:105-112, Prov 21:28-31